Our Story

Peak Life Elite was founded with one goal in mind: provide the highest quality and most cutting edge health products to consumers. We believe that maintaining a healthy body and mind is a key factor to living your Peak Life. Our Bio Active Immune Booster was developed with the finest ingredients available. 

Immune Support

Peak Life Elite’s Humic acid helps support the immune system in multiple ways. Developed to provide immunity support with Humic Acid which delivers ionic trace minerals, whilst Zinc and CoQ10 help to enhance cellular energy production. 

3 IN 1 SUPPLEMENT – Peak Life Elite is designed to maintain optimal well-being for body and mind with a synergistic 3 in 1 formula containing Activated Humic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, and Zinc.

Nutritional Benefits

Peak Life Elite’s Humic acids since they are derived from organic substances are also a good source of minerals. Because they are charged molecules, they transport these minerals in the soil providing nutrients to aid plant growth. When ingested by humans, they are also a natural mineral source. Humic acid may also increase cell membrane permeability which facilitates the transfer of minerals into cells.


We live in a toxic world. Over 493 toxins have been found in people ranging in ages from newborns to adults according to research by the Environmental Working Group. Because we live in a toxic world we need tools to strengthen our bodies to rid ourselves safely of toxins. This ability to bind toxins has led to the commercial use of humic acid.  Humic acid may also help inhibit this antimicrobial loss on several species of bacteria in the intestine. 

Peak Life Elite’s Bio Active Immune Booster

Helps support nearly every area of health and wellness and can even help you get more from your other supplements.

  • Providing ionic trace minerals
  • Natural detoxification
  • Nutrient absorption and cellular delivery
  • GI health 
  • Immune function
  • Brain Health

Legal Disclaimer

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